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The Red Thread That Binds Us

A novel


The Japanese believe an invisible red thread connects two people who are destined to meet in their lifetimes, either as lovers, or as instruments of change.

Jake is Anna’s husband. Another man is on the end of Anna’s red thread.

At the age of 35, journalist Anna Hutchinson is tired of being unhappy. No longer satisfied with her rocky marriage, social lifestyle or her recent promotion at The Tribune, Anna books a trip to Europe to get away and visit her Croatian friend Sara. While on a girls’ night out in the lively city of Zagreb, married Anna is forced to play the role of the wingman, which ultimately leads her to Antonio, a tall and striking Italian.

Immediately Anna feels an unworldly pull towards Antonio; one that the wordsmith can’t describe nor, it turns out, avoid. Conflicted by this powerful connection to a stranger and her troubled marriage to Jake, Anna struggles to rein in her impulses and her instincts on her first trip abroad — a trip she realizes fills her life, and her heart, with the passion and adventure she dreamed of as a child.

Feeling her true self awakening, Anna is forced to choose between her old life back home, and what life is suddenly dangling before her on a red thread.

But can Anna take control of her own life if fate is at the wheel?

THE RED THREAD THAT BINDS US is a 85,000-word women’s fiction book. This paperbound travel companion whisks the reader around Europe in a modern twist on an ancient concept of destiny. In a time when it feels more complicated than ever to be a career woman, Anna’s story puts readers on a relatable path that merges with an unexpected journey.

Praise for The Red Thread That Binds Us:

“I was continually baited and hooked to read more. The character’s adventures from place to place enticed me to keep reading, and the description involved in the novel is out of this world. I could vividly picture each object, each place, and each person with the words Katie has chosen.

I love the teaser in the introduction especially: ‘Jake is Anna’s husband. Another man is on the end of Anna’s red thread.’ If I was shopping for a book at the airport, I would’ve picked this up based on that alone. Publish it.”

– Kayla O, Beta Reader.

“I needed to keep reading it like my life depended on it. I was obsessed!

– Holli W, Beta Reader.

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